Best Under Counter Coffee Maker Reviews 2015

Under counter coffee maker Reviews

Under Counter Coffee Maker – The Perfect Choice for a Clean and Uncluttered Kitchen Area

Under Counter Coffee Maker is one of the best ways of organizing your kitchen when size is the prime factor of concern. The ease of using an under cabinet coffee maker is really a joy. Suppose if you want to enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee every morning which can be prepared in a few minutes but you have limited space in your kitchen, then getting an under cabinet coffee maker is the perfect solution for your needs. These machines are extremely easy to use and can be purchased at a price that will surely suit your budget. On average, some of the good quality ones can be bought for $100 and below.

Equipped with several beneficial features, these machines are placed conveniently under the cabinet or counter to provide you a lot of free area where you can place other important stuff. An under counter coffee maker is certainly the perfect option for a clean and organized kitchen area.

Advantages of Under Counter Coffee Maker

There are so many advantages of Under Cabinet Coffee Maker. These spacemaker coffee makers

  • Enables you to save lots of space to leave a clean and uncluttered kitchen area
  • Comes at a price that can definitely suit your budget
  • Enables you to make delicious cups of hot coffee in a few minutes
  • Includes several features that you will find extremely beneficial when making coffee
  • Comes in a wide variety of color choices and sleek designs for you to choose from
  • Can be installed with ease
  • With the variety of choices, you can certainly find the one that will compliment your kitchen
  • As these machines include a timer, you can prepare the coffee during the night and wake up with a delicious cup of coffee in the morning that is ready to drink
  • Has an auto shut off feature that helps you to save money on your electricity bills

Top Rated Under the Counter Coffee Maker Models

The following are the top rated under counter coffee maker models of 2015

Black & Decker SDC850 Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

Black and Decker SDC850 under cabinet coffee maker reviewUnder the cabinet coffeemaker with thermal carafe brews up to 8 cups of coffee at a time
Removable water reservoir and brew basket.
Blue backlit digital control panel.
Free countertops of appliance clutter.
Save-A-Plug™ outlet. No storage needed.
Step-by-step mounting instructions. Pre-sized mounting template.
Programmable clock, Auto brew and Freshness indicator.

With easy to use features, Black Decker SDC850 Spacemaker 8-cup Coffeemaker is a convenient appliance that allows you to brew up to eight cups of delicious coffee and save counter space at the same time.

This under cabinet coffee maker also includes an 8-cup thermal carafe, complete with a nondrip pour spout and stay cool handle. In addition, Black Decker SDC850 Spacemaker 8-cup Coffeemaker features a Save-A-Plug outlet receptacle and cord storage, for added convenience.

( Watch detailed Black and Decker SDC850 review OR Buy this product at Discount Price )

Customer Reviews about Under Cabinet Coffee Maker Brands

Reading some under counter coffee maker reviews will help you to know more about these items. These reviews can also guide you in choosing the best under cabinet coffee maker that suits your preferences and budget. Aside from this, reading under cabinet coffee maker reviews will also allow you to know the testimonials of those who have already tried the performance of that particular coffee maker you want to purchase. All you need to do is to look for the sites that offer reviews about under counter coffee maker, so that you will be able to get the space saver coffee maker that suits you best.

Best Under the Cabinet Coffee Maker Brands

Black & Decker and Brewmatic are two best known under cabinet coffee maker brands today.

  • Black & Decker Space Saver Coffee Maker

    Black and Decker Under counter Coffee MakerFor those who want to save an extra space in their kitchen, investing in Black and Decker space saver coffee maker is the best choice.This will solve your concern regarding space in your kitchen right away.The Black & Decker under cabinet coffee maker features an easy on/off button, a detachable brew basket and a detachable water reservoir to guarantee easy filling. This Space saver coffee maker also includes a digital control panel, delay-brew function, programmable clock, and a freshness indicator. Its Sneak-A-Cup interrupt selection stops the flow of coffee to enable you to pour a quick cup of midbrew.

    With a sleek design in stainless steel and black, this under cabinet coffee maker can certainly compliment any kitchen decoration. Black Decker spacemaker Coffeemaker also includes a mounting template and step-by-step mounting instructions for its easy installation.

    >> Click Here to know more about Black and Decker Under Counter Coffee Maker

  • Brewmatic Under Counter Coffee Maker

    Brewmatic space saver Coffee Maker ReviewsIdeal for single cup drinkers, commuters and offices, Brewmatic Under Counter Built-In Coffee Maker is a stainless under counter coffee maker that allows you to have several cups of delicious and fresh coffee with a simple push of a button. This under the counter coffee maker connects directly to the water line, making it an immediate source of water and perfect to use for preparing hot chocolate, soups, teas and other stuff. Its stainless steel construction can surely improve your kitchen décor while saving space at the same time. In addition, this under counter coffee maker heats the water to the most favorable temperature to guarantee the best extraction and its commercial spray head saturates the coffee grounds in its finest level, which all results into a great tasting cup of hot coffee at home.

    Brewmatic Under Counter Built-In Coffee Maker features 3 programmable volume buttons, automatic brew time and a digital clock. Designed to last for years, this under the counter coffee maker is very easy to use and offers you a chance to make several cups of coffee with ease.

    >> Click Here to know more about Brewmatic Under Counter Built-In Coffee Maker

4 Cup Coffee Maker – A better Alternative to Under Counter Coffee Maker

Alternative to Under cabinet coffee makers

At present, there is only a limited number of under counter coffee makers available for coffee lovers; therefore, you can choose another alternative to an under cabinet coffee makers.

4 Cup Coffee Makers are space saver coffee makers and they are better alternative to under counter coffee makers. It brews four cups at a time, and takes up less space on the counter than larger, 12-cup models. It’s the perfect size for up to two coffee drinkers, and is extremely easy to use.Watch 4 cup coffee maker review to know more.


Under counter coffee maker is a space saver coffee maker that can help one to maintain an organized and clean kitchen area. These machines have several features to offer that can certainly let one enjoy several cups of delicious coffee whenever they want. In addition, they are also offered at a good price range.

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